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Borderline Money Disorder Training Sunday January 18, 2015 12:30 pm Lake Elsinore, Ca

Borderline Money Disorder Training Sunday January 18, 2015 12:30 pm Lake Elsinore, Ca

Pre-release info:
Want to become a people and money magnet?
Do you want to take your money pursuits to a higher level of performance and results?
And do you want to have an inner superman type process that will help you get beyond Borderline Money Disorder issues?

When your answer is yes then keep following …

WinTime will help you to do this because it is about you winning and becoming a people and money magnet…

The Win Time process metaphorically will be like having an inner Superman process and support system:
Faster than a speeding bullet,
stronger than a locomotive,
And, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

Free Introductory Training

Aletheia Christian Fellowship
32990 Mesa Drive
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530-4645
Office (951) 757-1801
Or call or text Dr M L Nichols for more information: 818-326-0668

Spiritual & Mental Health Same Linguistic Metaphors – just use different words

From my experience demons and mental illness are the same semantic metaphors for the same inside mental processes…
Both models work! i.e., in both the mundane (earthly)  and the spiritual realms…

I have found the CBM, Cognitive Bias Modification, app – AnxietyMint – an excellent spiritual and mental health tool which bridges the gap between both realms. This tool may help you to create a positive mental health and spiritual Kingdom Within environment.  Just as with any tool knowing how and when to use it enhances the effectiveness of it.

With insight into NLP – Neuro LInguistic Programming  – and the When Time Doesn’t Heal model and supporting data, this may be come your most effective self directed personal tool in creating your personal success in both social and financial settings – When balanced you shall have  a winning combination also better known as WinTime . . . The key is knowing how to use it and when . . . !
For more info please message me via facebook or text me: 818-326-0668…

For your success let’s discuss . . .

EMOTIONAL CHANGE: Eradicate Emotional Anxiety and Fear

EMOTIONAL CHANGE: Eradicate Emotional Anxiety and Fear; Have you ever said I can’t change because that’s just the way I am?
The three components of change are:

1 motivation – want to change;

2 know how to change – training;

3 be permitted to change – having an environment or support system which allows change to happen.
GOOD NEWS: Help is here now and the only reason you haven’t been able to do it is because you haven’t been pointed in the right direction…
WIN TIME is a paradigm shift from when time doesn’t heal to win time does heal and setting your personal environment on a personal winning course…WIN TIME – anytime, every time, all the time is WIN TIME.
I did not create the app that Win Time is using, however, from my Pastoral Skill, stress and coping background and training I have found and believe I can make it work every time because:
Once you learn to think outside of the box you will be successful…!
Personal anxiety and fear are the first 2 emotions to be eradicated…

Mission Impossible: your first task is to buy the app
from the Apple App Store or Google Play then contact me for ways to think outside of the box…
Dr. M L Nichols