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Holographic Memory, CBM, and Virtual Reality

Virtual World, Virtual Reality and Holographic Memory or creating a new reality: This is discussed and is a lead-in for what the future holds in When Time Doesn’t Heal, chapter VIII section 20, page 156-161. This is a blueprint for where Holographic Memory, CBM and Virtual-Reality should be going, is going and how to be utilized…
A major breakthrough or your breakthrough may be accomplished by utilizing CBM protocols methodologies & technologies and applying them in the areas of virtual world via holographic memory applications. 
Summary: Take a CBM App game and use it holographically: 


Specifically: Quote from When Time Doesn’t Time: ( link)page 56, which is taken from a live intervention:

 you look up at a spot,

you go to, uh, foveal vision, meaning you get, uh, tunnel vision on

the spot, you space out, then you come back, get the experience

again, look at it (the analogue location), take your hands from

behind your head, bring them forward, and when you can [see

them], when, every body just do it right now. Look up find a spot,

think of a problem that you had, take your hands behind your

head, wiggle your fingers, and as you are looking at that spot,

bring your hands forward, and wiggle your fingers, and you will

see you’ll see you can’t have the problem at the same time,

because you’re on your left, your right, and in front of you, and

you are three dimensional!

Give your selves a hand… (applause).

The things we covered today, we did the fast change thing at the

end, which took about thirty seconds to teach you..
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