Making it in America: getting beyond borderline money disorder

Making It in America
From When Time Doesn’t Heal to – win time dot org.

To make it in America You must get beyond borderline money disorder
How do you know if you have

borderline money disorder, take the one minute test and find out, if you don’t score over 100 as your first baseline then there are focus issues that must be resolved or dealt with…

Resolving border line money disorder made easy…

This is a major advancement in NLP, it is a directed inner healing awareness spiritual model for correcting borderline money disorder.
By itself it is an excellent tool but in the hands of an individual with a trained and insightful coach it is an exponentially faster game changer/life changer. When combined and used in conjunction with the NLP: When Time Doesn’t process, it is like being on steroids that is the reason it is called Win Time – Win Time is Anytime every time all the time, when you want to win it’s now win time – that is
One common trait most successful people have is they are both money and people magnets…
They build mold and hold teams together and they rarely do it in isolation…
There is always a money financial component to every successful person and team…

The Anxiety app is a tool in the same way a musical instrument is a tool in the hands of a musician.
Techique & style are learned – can teach you how to make beautiful music in your life and in pursuit

of your personal and monetary goals.

Very few people are able to self coach themselves that is the reason you need a music instructor coach or trainer to keep you on the right path…That is the reason for WINTIME.ORG

There is both an art and science component to winning with the technique.

The three integral components that must be applied are: 1) repetition; 2) pattern interrupts; & 3) sub modality shifts…

When the three (3) components are applied appropriately a person should be able to go from that which is hoped for which previously could have been thought to be active imagination or delusional thinking to a new actualized reality.

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