EMOTIONAL CHANGE: Eradicate Emotional Anxiety and Fear

EMOTIONAL CHANGE: Eradicate Emotional Anxiety and Fear; Have you ever said I can’t change because that’s just the way I am?
The three components of change are:

1 motivation – want to change;

2 know how to change – training;

3 be permitted to change – having an environment or support system which allows change to happen.
GOOD NEWS: Help is here now and the only reason you haven’t been able to do it is because you haven’t been pointed in the right direction…
WIN TIME is a paradigm shift from when time doesn’t heal to win time does heal and setting your personal environment on a personal winning course…WIN TIME – anytime, every time, all the time is WIN TIME.
I did not create the app that Win Time is using, however, from my Pastoral Skill, stress and coping background and training I have found and believe I can make it work every time because:
Once you learn to think outside of the box you will be successful…!
Personal anxiety and fear are the first 2 emotions to be eradicated…

Mission Impossible: your first task is to buy the app
from the Apple App Store or Google Play then contact me for ways to think outside of the box…
Dr. M L Nichols

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